Research Overview

My group researches privacy issues related to anonymized analytics. A long-standing problem is that of providing statistical or aggregate data about users without leaking information about individual users. Past strongly-anonymous systems, like K-anonymity and Differential Privacy, provide poor utility. As a result, most so-called “anonymous” analtyics is done over weakly anonymized data. We are working a designing and building a system that provides strong anonymity, high utility, and easy configuration. The project page is at: .


 Current PhD Student Researchers

Reinhard Munz


Current Postdocs


Past PhD Student Researchers

Istemi Ekin Akkus

Alexey Reznichenko

Hitesh Ballani

Saikat Guha

Vidhyashankar Venkataraman

Vivek Vishnumurthy

Xinyang (Joy) Zhang

Manpreet Singh

Past Postdocs

Stevens Le Blond

Ruichuan Chen

Bin Cheng

Saikat Guha

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